A Bite of American English品味美语 — 徐险峰校长第2届中美夏令营开营仪式致辞

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Dear Christina Sanchez,Martha Stein,TamosinJohnson- Hellergers,Liliana Cortez,Klara Novotna,Ladies and gentlemen, Boys and girls, Goodmorning!


It’s my great honor to say welcome youall, beloved American fellow teachers to our school. I also want to express my warmwelcome to all the fresh men as well as the old friends on campus. I’m sure youwill have a wonderful and unforgettable time together from now on, because thefive distinguished American friends will share English and theculture here with the 88 students in the following two weeks.


 Yesterday once more. The 1st summer camp held last year proves a greatsuccess. We appreciate very much that 6 professional teachers travelled from Americato our school and co-operated with the assistant teachers of our school. Their marvelousperformances gave us a very deep impression by offering rich curriculum andvarious activities. Especially, their attitude towards students and work won theunanimous praise. As the principal, I feel very excited. We do believe that thesecond cooperation will contribute to a better understanding between the sisterschools.


The American teachers invited this time have richteaching skills and pure standard English. They are more than excellentlanguage teachers for the students to improve their English, they are alsoenvoys of their culture. This is bound to bring double enjoyment of English andculture to the students. Our foreign teachers will provide you with colorful courses,such as public speech, drama, report writing, reading, vocabulary,pronunciation, web design and so on. The students are sure to improve your conversationalEnglish, and enhance the cross-cultural awareness. That’s to say, the summercamp is an amazing journey of culture.


Boys and girls, when we say God bless you, please remember God helps those who helpthemselves! So, be brave and get involved in all the activities, and youwill enjoy English the language. Enjoy English, and you canenjoy a happier life. Yes, we can!


What’smore important, the summer camp is a magic bridge of friendship. Just as the lyricsgo, It's been a long day without you my friend. And I'll tell you all about itwhen I see you again. By the end of the camp, we are to be such close friends.

更为重要的是,夏令营是一座奇妙的友谊之桥。正如电影速7片尾曲See you again的歌词所言:没有老友你的陪伴,我真是度日如年。与你重逢之时,我要倾诉心愿。夏令营结营之时,也必将是我们难舍难分之际。

So, Iwould like to show our great respect and deep appreciation to the foreignteachers, who have traveled thousands of miles to China. Meanwhile, I ‘d alsolike to express my thanks to all the people who support our work all the time.Thank you all!


Now,please allow me to declare the 2nd Sino-American Summer Camp open!

Wish thebig event a great success! Enjoy your stay here!

Thankyou !